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Why Not Retire Mike Piazza’s Number, Too?

Sunday’s announcement that Mike Piazza would be inducted into the Mets Hall of Fame on September 29 is welcome news for a fan base that has more to root for in the past than it does in the present. But how about retiring Piazza’s number on the same day?

mike piazza
Mike Piazza still looking good at celebrity softball game Sunday.

For his part, Piazza is happy with half an honor.

“I’ve said all along, the Mets have always had some very colorful and outstanding ballplayers in their history, and to be in that group is really great for me,” said Piazza. “It was without a doubt the most exciting time of my life. You can’t describe the energy of playing in New York City, and being here when we had some pretty good ballclubs and made the playoffs a few times, it’s just something you can’t describe… (Getting inducted) is something I’m very much looking forward to.”

It is believed the Mets will retire Mike Piazza’s 31 if/when he gets elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, and if he goes in as a Met. The Mets would apparently be embarrassed if they retire his number and Piazza wears a Dodgers hat on his plaque.

I cannot for the life of me understand that logic, or lack thereof. Who cares what logo appears on his hat on his plaque? Does that mean he did more or less for the Mets? Of course not.

Piazza’s number should have been retired the season after he retired, just like the Braves are doing with Chipper Jones this season and just like most every team other than the Mets has done with its legendary players in the past.

What is more embarrassing is that after 50 years of playing ball, the Mets have had just one player (Tom Seaver) whom the team deems worthy of having his number retired.

The Mets should work to rectify this, starting with Mike Piazza on September 29.


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