Mets Should Consider Trading Bobby Parnell

Bobby Parnell picked up a save on Thursday, his 20th of the season in 24 attempts. His ERA is 2.30 and his strikeout to walk ratio is outstanding — 41 ks to 10 bases on balls. He is having a very good season, yet the Mets should still consider trading him.

bobby parnell
Mets should consider trading Bobby Parnell.

I’m not saying the Mets should go out and actively shop the 28-year-old Parnell who has two years left of arbitration before hitting free agency. But if Bobby Parnell can be part of a package that brings back a much-needed power hitting outfielder, then the Mets should definitely make the move.

A closer is easy to replace; think about how many closers are available through free agency every winter. Compare that to the number of power hitting outfielders on the market and you come to the realization that you should trade a reliever for a regular every day of the week.

The other factor is that I am not sold on Bobby Parnell as the closer for the long term. He is indeed having a fine year, but he has struggled in the past; there is no guarantee that he will not regress at some point.

The Mets have far too many holes on their team to hold onto a closer who could bring back more important pieces. They also do not have many other trade chips, so they will have to part with someone to make the team better. Bobby Parnell could be a good place to start.