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MLB Drug Testing Not Working

While the folks over at MLB headquarters are busy patting themselves on the back for the latest round of PED suspensions, they are missing the main point — their vaulted drug testing program is not working. Not one of these 13 guys actually tested positive for PEDs.

Yes, the 13 players and probably dozens and dozens more have used and continue to use PEDs and are somehow evading testing positive. It is a cliche that the manufacturers of these designer drugs are always one step ahead of the testers, but it appears to be true.

It is well known that there is not a urine test for HGH, and the league and the players have recently agreed to in-season blood testing for the substance. But that means up until this year, players were free to use HGH in the middle of the season without fear of penalty. That is, unless their supplier was caught, which is the case in this Biogenesis scandal.

Bud Selig and his cohorts want you to believe that baseball is a clean sport. Perhaps it is cleaner than it has been in a long time, what with all of the random drug testing. But don’t let that fool you — PED use is still rampant in baseball. This is more than evident by this latest round of suspensions.

Unfortunately, there will be more to come.

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