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Mets Won’t Finish .500, Again

As we wait for game two of the doubleheader with the Marlins, it’s worth noting that the loss in game one was their 82nd defeat of the season, which means the Mets will finish below .500 for the fifth year in a row. Sigh.

metsAs recently as August 11, the Mets were 54-61, and there were hopes that they could rally and avoid another losing season. But instead of mounting an attack on .500, the Mets went on to lose 10 of their next 14 games, and all hope was lost.

The Mets still have a couple of milestones to reach. At their current 65-82, they need to go 8-7 to avoid losing 90 games. Or they could go  9-6 to match last season’s 74-88.

Since taking over 2010’s 83 loss team, Sandy Alderson’s Mets have lost 85 and 88 games in 2011 and 2012, respectively. With the way the Mets are hitting, or more accurately, the way they are not hitting, the Mets look primed to continue to that trend. Well done, Sandy.

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