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Sandy Alderson: Winning Games Not Priority

Sandy Alderson made his final appearance in the Mets broadcast booth this season during Friday’s game, and he said something rather shocking — winning games has not been a priority for him. Actually, it’s not that shocking; it explains his lack of player acquisitions over the past three years.

Alderson said since he got to Flushing, the important things have been the expiration of contracts, managing payroll and winning some games “in order of priority.” He did say that priority will change in 2014, but still, the number one priority for any general manager is to ensure that his team wins baseball games. What does that say about a GM, about a franchise, who does not have that priority? This is stunning, but again, it explains a lot.

In other brilliant quotes, Alderson breaks down the 2013 season this way:

“Some disappointments, yet there are some positives. I always go into a season expecting to win…. So I’m  generally disappointed. We had some player performances below par, below expectations, choppy… Not happy but we’ve got something to build on.”

Sandy Alderson mentioned Bobby Parnell and LaTroy Hawkins as positives. He also said the outfield, “much maligned, by me!” came together after Eric Young and Juan Lagares came along. He also praised the departed Marlon Byrd.

As far as player moves, he said he could go into next season without obtaining another starting pitcher, but that he might look to add a veteran to the rotation. Alderson said decisions must be made at first base, shortstop, and surprisingly, at catcher. “We have to be concerned that someone like Travis (d’Arnaud), who has a history of injury, gets injured.”

He would also like to see home performance improve, saying that he thought moving in the fences would have bigger impact than it has.

Sandy Alderson spewed some more nonsense about the Mets nearly playing .500 ball since June or something, but nothing will top the revelation that he hasn’t cared much about winning.

3 thoughts on “Sandy Alderson: Winning Games Not Priority

  • Phil Naessens

    Hey! Didn’t Alderson say at the beginning of the season the Mets would only win 70 games? They exceeded that so why is he disappointed?

  • BloggingMets

    Because he talks out of both sides of his mouth, in addition to another orifice!

  • Met Fan 4 Life

    It’s the area directly connected to that third orifice that also seems to do most of his thinking. Making an announcement like this, coupled with the one that more or less sounded like we are about to pretty much holding pat over the winter, should boost season ticket sales immensely.

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