Oh No! Mets Camouflage Uniforms in 2014

ESPN New York reported Sunday morning that the Mets will honor the military on five “Military Mondays”during the 2014 season. That’s a good idea. But the days will also see the Mets don camouflage uniforms, and that is a very bad idea.

The Mets wore a camouflage-themed uniform on Memorial Day this past season. It featured a camo hat and “Mets” spelled out in camouflage. It was very, very ugly in my non-designer opinion.

mets camouflage

It is not known if the Mets will wear this one again or go full camouflage, as the Padres do. That would be even worse.

mets camouflage

The Mets already have five different uniforms — blue, white and cream home jerseys, and blue and gray road jerseys. They do not need another one, especially when it promises to be unattractive.

Instead, something like an unobtrusive arm patch would achieve the noble goal of honoring the troops.

Of course, if Sandy Alderson manages to get quality players to fill those uniforms, we might not care how they look.

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