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Highlights of Sandy Alderson on WFAN Friday

Sandy Alderson appeared on WFAN Friday afternoon. Here are some highlights:

— I missed the beginning of the interview, but according to reports on Twitter he would not confirm that he met with Jhonny Peralta earlier this week in Florida. He also said the market for Ike Davis may not be as robust as media reports suggest.

— Alderson had previously said he does not like to deal pitching for hitting, but prompted by Mike Francesa, he said he would make such a trade “if the right deal presented itself.” However, he went on to say that “one guy we almost wouldn’t talk about under any circumstance is (Noah) Syndergaard.”

— Francesa followed by asking if Zack Wheeler is untouchable as well. Alderson said he thought they were talking about prospects, but then he said, “Never say never, no one is untouchable, but we are not shopping pitching.”

— Speaking of Syndergaard, Sandy Alderson said Rafael Montero would have to be considered head of Syndergaard because Montero pitched part of 2013 in Triple-A while Syndergaard topped out at Double-A.

— Whether they would pitch in the big leagues in 2014, Alderson said, “I’d be surprised if we didn’t see both.” But he suggested they would not make the team out of spring training. As far as Syndergaard, he said, “I think he’d be in same position as Wheeler last year and Harvey the year before. There will be a lot of attention, but he probably will not on major league roster at the start of the season.”

— Francesa pointed out the sorry state of the outfield, and said it was a similar situation last year and Sandy Alderson did not acquire anyone of note. Asked if the same thing would happen again, Alderson was adamant that “absolutely there will be new faces in the starting lineup.” When Francesa asked, “So there won’t be a bunch of kids out there?” Alderson joked, “I gotta watch all of those games, too.”

— Sandy Alderson said ideally any new outfielder would have a combination of on-base percentage and power. Francesa pressed him, asking if he could only choose one, which one would he take? After a long pause, he said, “A slight nod to on-base percentage, but power is very important.” Alderson then pointed out that the team that hits more home runs in a game wins 75% of those games.

— In closing the interview, Sandy Alderson asked Mets fans for patience. “Just because something does not happen immediately does not mean we are not working on it… We want to do something but we have to go about it in a way that makes sense. We’ll get there.”

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