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Mets “On Fence” on Bronson Arroyo?

This is why we should just ignore all of these reports, tweets and rumors about Hot Stove baseball — we learn Saturday night that the Mets are either extremely interested in signing Bronson Arroyo or they want nothing to do with him.

bronson arroyo
Maybe Mets aren’t interested in Bronson Arroyo after all.

Saturday started out with a report from a previously unknown person named Chris Cotillo saying that the Mets were “heavily involved” with Arroyo.

In the afternoon, Adam Rubin of ESPN New York wrote that his sources told him that Sandy Alderson would meet with Bronson Arroyo at the pitcher’s Florida home next week.

But as night fell, David Lennon of Newsday tweeted that there are no plans to meet with Arroyo and that the Mets are “on (the) fence about him.”

So which is it? Who knows?

The odds are Bronson Arroyo will not end up on the Mets. He is apparently seeking a three-year contract, but would reportedly take two years and an option from the Mets. By all accounts, the Mets do not want to sign any pitcher to a multi-year deal, especially one that will be 37 when the season starts. So there does not seem to be a match here.

Also, Arroyo will likely end up too rich for the Mets liking; he is said to want at least $12 million per year, and in this market, he will probably get it. But it probably will not be from the Mets.

The lesson in all of this — stay off the Internet!

One thought on “Mets “On Fence” on Bronson Arroyo?

  • Met Fan 4 Ever

    The fence is a lie.

    There is no fence, there is only Sandy.

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