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Report: Sandy Alderson Met with Curtis Granderson

Sandy Alderson reportedly met with Curtis Granderson on Sunday. That is all we know right now.

curtis granderson
Sandy Alderson reportedly met with Curtis Granderson on Sunday.

Fox Sports midget Ken Rosenthal tweeted the news late Monday afternoon. He did not provide any details, only that “sources” told him about the meeting.

It is always a positive move when a general manager meets with a free agent, but don’t forget, Alderson met with Jhonny Peralta, only to find him too expensive for the Mets more modest tastes.

Granderson is said to be seeking a three-year deal, and he already turned down the Yankees $14 million qualifying offer, which means he wants more than that. Perhaps he would take less per season, say $12 million, if he were to get a three-year guarantee. But seeing how thin the free agent market is, it does not appear that Granderson will have to make any compromises.

I predict he will get three years at $15 million per season, and that it will not be from the Mets.

2 thoughts on “Report: Sandy Alderson Met with Curtis Granderson

  • Met Fan 4 Ever

    You shouldn’t say midget (unless you are talking about his professional stature). I think the preferred term these days is *dwarf*. However, after December 12th, it might be *hobbitt*. đŸ˜‰

  • Met Fan 4 Ever

    While Granderson would certainly fill a deep need that the team has (an outfielder who is actually a ML outfielder who can actually run, field, and hit for power), we won’t have Harvey in 2014 so the Mets need to shut down and wait out the season.

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