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Report: Curtis Granderson Wants $64 Million

A report on Thursday claims to have pinpointed Curtis Granderson’s dream contract — four years, $64 million. The Mets would be smart to hold tough at three years.

Marc Carig of Newsday tweeted that he has heard that is the figure Granderson is seeking. In a later tweet he pointed out:

To be clear, I’m not saying that’s what Granderson and Mets are discussing at this moment. It’s what I’m told he was aiming for this winter.

Certainly Granderson can ask for whatever he wants; it does not mean the Mets should give it to him. At this point it appears there are no other suitors for Granderson’s services. The signing of Jacoby Ellsbury and the pursuit of Carlos Beltran knocks the Yankees out. The White Sox and Mariners, thought to be possible destinations for Curtis Granderson, do not seem to be engaged. The Red Sox could be lurking as a possible spoiler, but that is just speculation.

Of course, for all we know there are a dozen teams texting Granderson’s agent with offers. History has shown that media reports about player movement are often laughably wrong. But if no one else is interested in Granderson, why should the Mets bid against themselves and extend an offer with which they are no comfortable?

I do not really think we have to worry about that. Sandy Alderson has shown that, for better or for worse, he will get players at his price or move on. Three years at $15 million or $16 million per season is appropriate for Curtis Granderson, especially considering he will turn 33 years old during Spring Training.

If Granderson insists on a fourth year, it should be a vesting option of some kind. If that is what it takes to get the deal done, so be it. But guaranteeing a $16 million salary to a player in his year 36 season is never advisable.

One way or another I think this deal will actually get done and Curtis Granderson will be a Met in 2014. Did I just write that?!

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  • Met Fan 4 Ever

    Vesting if he does a 30/30 season in Year 3, maybe.

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