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Justin Turner Non-Tendered “For Not Running Hard”

It was something of a surprise when the Mets decided to non-tender Justin Turner last week. And now we know why — a reported lack of hustle.

justin turner
Mets reportedly dumped Justin Turner over lack of hustle

Adam Rubin of ESPN New York wrote Monday night “Turner’s propensity for not running hard irked the front office, which had finally seen enough,” according to a source.

The explanation is also something of a surprise. Does anyone really remember Justin Turner not running out ground balls? He certainly ran hard when he was sucker punching teammates with those shaving cream pies.

Whether this is true or not, this is yet another example of the Mets badmouthing a player on their way out the door. They did it to R.A. Dickey last year, and they appear to be continuing their classy ways now with Justin Turner.

3 thoughts on “Justin Turner Non-Tendered “For Not Running Hard”

  • Met Fan 4 Ever

    “Not running hard” must be code for “acting like a jerk”. I am sure no one up front appreciated Johan getting pie-faced after the no-no. Did we ever see him pie Jay Horowitz? If he did, I am sure that is a one-way ticket to Palookaville.

  • Typical classless Jeffy Wilpon…

  • Met Fan 4 Ever

    Considering they don’t tell us what is going on in their tiny minds anyway, why bother with this? That’s what I want to know. Maybe he called them cheapskates.

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