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Carlos Beltran Whines About Time with Mets

Carlos Beltran was introduced by the Yankees on Friday (much to the chagrin of some Mets fans for some reason), but he could not help taking a few moments to whine about his time with the Mets.

carlos beltran
Carlos Beltran may be a Yankee now, but he still whines about time with Mets.

According to ESPN New York, Beltran said the Mets disrespected him several times during his six and a half years in Flushing. Once was when he skipped a visit to Walter Reed Hospital to visit wounded veterans (he had a previously planned trip to Puerto Rico to work on his charity), and when he got knee surgery without the Mets knowledge.

“All the controversy about the Walter Reed,” Beltran said. “The knee — the organization trying to put me as a player that was a bad apple. I was this, I was that. I can deal with 0-for-4 and three strikeouts and talk to you guys. But when someone is trying to hurt you in a very personal way, trying to put things out there … then we got trouble. Now, it’s personal.

“When they say all that about myself, I was hurt. You cannot believe the organization that signed you for seven years is trying to put you down. In that aspect, I felt hurt.”

Let’s talk about respect. It is well known that Carlos Beltran begged the Yankees to sign him for less money, but after they turned him down, he took the Mets deal.

How about when Beltran homered in the first game of 2006 and refused to come out for a curtain call? Julio Franco had to practically push him out of the dugout.

The point is, you have to give respect to get respect, and Carlos Beltran never truly seemed to be happy to be a Met, and thus was ever respectful towards the team or the fans.

Regardless, Beltran is finally on the Yankees now. And Mets fans should not care at all.

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