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Mets Exchange Arbitration Figures with Gee, Duda

Over the past 24 hours the Mets have settled with all of their arbitration-eligible players except for Dillon Gee and Lucas Duda. On Friday the Mets exchanged figures with these players.

Dillon Gee & Lucas Duda — Mets arbitration holdouts.

According to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, Gee is asking for $4.05 million while the Mets believe $3.2 million is a better number. I had him at $2 million, so I was way off. Either way, Gee is due to get a big raise from the $527,375 the Mets gave him last season.

As far as Lucas Duda, man, this guy has nerve. After the pitiful year he had in 2013, Duda wants $1.9 million to play his special brand of baseball this season. The Mets generously offered $1.35 million. I thought he would get $1 million. He made just above a half a million dollars last season.

It is likely the Mets will settle with Gee and Duda. The Mets do not like to go to arbitration. The last time they went to a hearing was in 2008 with Oliver Perez, but the last time before that was way back in 1992.

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