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Rafael Montero Looks Really Good!

The MLB Network aired Tuesday afternoon’s Mets-Cardinals game, so I got to see Rafael Montero pitch for the first time. Man, he looks good.

rafael montero
Rafael Montero looking good so far this spring.

Montero’s mid-90s fastball was impressive, especially considering his relatively small stature — think Pedro Martinez or Billy Wagner. But his off-speed stuff was very good as well, keeping batters off-balance during a one-two-three third inning.

Montero did allow a hit, a walk and a run in the fourth, but do not let that damper your enthusiasm. There are durability concerns because of his size (six feet, 170 pounds), but they said the same thing about Martinez, Wagner and other smaller pitchers, and they turned out all right.

Rafael Montero is a legitimate prospect who will likely get the call-up sometime mid-season. I can’t wait to see what he can do in the majors.

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