Mets will Trade Jonathon Niese, Dillon Gee

It will  not happen tomorrow, but Blogging Mets predicts that Jonathon Niese and/or Dillon Gee will be traded, perhaps as soon as the trade deadline this season.

Dillon Gee & Jonathon Niese (center & right) will be traded. Matt Harvey (left) will not.

There are two reasons — they may not be necessary anymore and money, of course.

If all goes according to plan (and that plan could change — see Matt Harvey’s Tommy John surgery), the rotation in 2015 will be Harvey, Zack Wheeler, Noah Sydergaard, Rafael Montero and Bartolo Colon (who is also a trade candidate, but at $11 million, 41 years old and 487 pounds, he will be harder to move, so to speak). Jacob deGrom could also be added to the mix.

The four young starters will cost the Mets a little more than $2 million. So why pay Niese $7.050 million and Gee a projected $5 million when there are cheaper and probably better alternatives?

It is always risky to go with such a young rotation. But Harvey (assuming he fully recovers) is already established, and hopefully Wheeler will do that as well this season. Syndergaard and Montero should make their debuts this summer and hopefully show they are ready. If not, then the plan changes.

Maybe the Mets will choose to hold onto one of the veterans and trade one of the youngsters. Given the money situation, that is unlikely.

If the Mets do trade Niese and/or Gee, they better do it right, getting a couple of big-time hitters in return. They would probably have to include some of the second-tier pitching prospects to make that happen, which the Mets could easily do.

The Mets do not have enough hitting to contend in 2014; next season could be a very different story if this situation is handled shrewdly.