Photos: Battle of the Mets Eyebrows

Who cares about who wins the first base battle on the Mets? If both Josh Satin (below, left) and John Lannan (right) make the team, as expected, a battle of the eyebrows will certainly be waged. Who will win? Stay tuned. It could be the most interesting story of the season.

eyebrows     eyebrows

Jerry Seinfeld made note of Satin’s prominent eyebrows when he was a guest in the booth during a game last season. He asked if it ever came up during a game, and Keith Hernandez said he slipped once and said, “Josh Satin is really opening up some eyebrows.”

Can’t wait to hear what Hernandez will accidentally say about Lannan!

2 thoughts on “Photos: Battle of the Mets Eyebrows

  • i remember when keith had that slip up live. the 3 of them are great

  • Met Fan 4 Ever

    Add Wright to that list. While not as bushy as the other two, Dave’s eyebrows are quite bold.

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