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It’s Official: Lucas Duda Starting Mets 1B

Despite the protestations from most Mets fans, the Mets made official on Friday that Lucas Duda will be the starting first basemen for the time being.

lucas duda
Lucas Duda has been named Mets starting first baseman for some reason.

Via Mets Blog, Mets beat writer for The Record Matt Ehalt tweets that Duda is “excited for (the) opportunity.” He also tweeted that Terry Collins said the Mets want to see if Lucas Duda “can be the guy.”

As asinine as all of that is, Ehalt writes that Collins added: “If he fails they look at him for the OF.” So let’s get this straight — if Lucas Duda fails at first base, they will move him back to the outfield where he has already failed spectacularly?

I thought the whole point was that Duda was so down about his poor outfield play that it affected him at the plate, so moving him back to first where he is more comfortable would make him a better hitter.

But now Collins says they could move him back to the outfield if he fails where he is the most comfortable. Do the Mets even have a plan, or do they make this stuff up as they go along? Unbelievable.

As far as Ike Davis, Andy Martino of the Daily News tweets that sources tell him “Mets still see trading Ike Davis as likely endgame, but like offseason still looking for something decent back.”

If that is the case, wouldn’t it make more sense to actually play Davis to show teams what he can do (unless that is what the Mets fear!)?

Sandy Alderson has botched this thing from the start. He should have non-tendered one of them or at least traded one for whatever he could get. Instead, he has a relatively expensive Davis ($3.5 million) sitting on the bench, his trade value diminishing every day.

I ask again, do the Mets even have a plan?

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