Photo: Dumbest Mets Hat Ever?

Following up on my surprisingly controversial Mets uniform post, here is another write-up on a piece of Mets apparel. Fortunately, this is just a fan item and not something the players will be wearing (we can only pray). Still though, it might be the dumbest Mets hat ever.

The folks over at Topps have put together a 1986 Mets collection, selling items to honor that unforgettable season in Mets history. In addition to buttons and patches and a “Teufel Shuffle” t-shirt, the company is selling this hat:

mets hat

In an effort to explain what this monstrosity is all about, Topps writes:

The theme song of the 1986 Mets was “Let’s Go! Mets Go!” and one phrase from that song was “to make a dream work, let’s go. Let’s Go Mets!” Thus it became a popular rallying cry in Queens that magical season.

Now first of all, please correct me if I’m wrong, but I do not remember a single solitary person ever saying “make the dream work” back in 1986, let alone it being a “popular rallying cry.”

Also, hats are supposed to display a team’s logo, not a novella. It is just plain dumb. And ugly.

I’m sure there will be people who will buy this thing, but I predict that they will quickly stop wearing it because they will have to explain to everybody every five minutes what it means.

Topps should stick to baseball cards.

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