Video: Don Draper Sings “Meet the Mets” on “Mad Men”

The Mets played a prominent role on Sunday night’s episode of “Mad Men.” It is not the first time — remember Don Draper insulted the Mets last season?

mad men
Don and his Mets pennant on “Mad Men.”

Don enters his new office (the old office of Lane Pryce, who hanged himself there) and finds Lane’s old Mets pennant under a piece of furniture. He throws it in the garbage, but he must have thought better of it because later it is hanging in its old spot on the wall.

In a drunken stupor Don looks at the pennant and calls recovering alcoholic Freddie Rumsen and asks him to go to Shea. When Freddie arrives Don sings a few bars of “Meet the Mets.”

They never do get to the game; Don is just too loaded.

Like everything in “Mad Men,” the Mets stuff had some meaning. The pennant was one of Lane’s belongings, so perhaps that is a bad omen for Don.

But it could be good. This season takes place in 1969. So maybe just like the Mets, the downtrodden Don will surprise the world and emerge as a champion.

In any case, it is always nice to see the Mets appear in pop culture.

Here is the video. I shot it off my television and it is probably a copyright violation, so enjoy it before it is taken down.

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