THE List: Top 10 2014 Mets Moments

Ike Davis Pinch-Hit Grand Slam — 4/5/14

davis grand slam

Ike Davis provided an early highlight when he connected for a pinch-hit, ninth-inning grand slam to give the Mets a 6-3 win over the Reds. It turned out to be the final great moment in Davis’s Mets career because…

Ike Davis Traded — 4/18/14


Two weeks later the overly extended (thank you indecisive Sandy Alderson) Davis saga finally came to an end when he was dealt to the Pirates. Lucas Duda thrived when finally given the first base job while Davis was basically given away to the A’s after another disappointing season.

Comeback Against Phillies — 5/11/14


The Mets looked like they were on their way to a loss to the Phillies when they scored three runs in the bottom of the ninth to tie the game, then won it in the 11th on a single by Ruben Tejada, no less.

Mets Clobber Yankees — 5/12/14, 5/13/14

subway series

The Mets clubbed the Yankees in the first installment of the Subway Series, scoring 21 runs in the two games in The Bronx. Curtis Granderson enjoyed the visit to his old home, hitting home runs in each game.

Lots of Extra Innings Against Phillies — 5/30/14 – 6/1/14

14 innings

The first three games of a four-game set in Philadelphia went 14, 14 and 11 innings, respectively. They lost the first one but won the last two. Oh, they won game four as well in the usual nine innings.

Three-Error Inning — 6/30/14


In one of the more embarrassing losses of the season (and that’s saying something), the Mets committed three errors against the Braves in the eighth inning to blow a game. Hey, I never said these were good Mets moments, just memorable ones!

deGrom-Peavy No-Hit Bids — 8/2/14


Jacob deGrom and Jake Peavy both took no-hit bids into the seventh inning. The Mets would go on to win the game.

Jacob deGrom Strikeouts — 9/15/14

jacob degrom

Despite that high-profile game, deGrom’s national coming out party was when he struck out the first eight Marlins, tying a major league record for strikeouts to start a game. Unfortunately he was immortalized in that horrible camouflage jersey. The Mets would go on to blow the game.

Mets Sign Michael Cuddyer — 11/10/14


Alderson had to have the aging Michael Cuddyer so badly he signed him extremely early in the free agency season, giving up a first round pick in the process. It appears this will be the Mets big move this off-season. Fill in you own commentary here.

Jacob deGrom Wins Rookie of the Year — 11/10/14


deGrom capped off his sensational season by winning Rookie of the Year.

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