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Bartolo Colon Superb; Now Trade Him

Bartolo Colon was masterful Wednesday, throwing eight innings of one-run ball against the Cardinals. He even got his first hit since Reconstruction. Good — now they can trade him.

bartolo colon
Bartolo Colon delivers against Cardinals.

Signing Colon was always a cowardice move by Sandy Alderson; he was simply afraid to trust his young pitchers. Instead, he spent a large portion of his limited budget on an unnecessary starting pitcher. Perhaps he was somewhat necessary this season, but there is simply no place for Bartolo Colon in the 2015 rotation.

After Colon got off to a poor start, it looked like the Mets would be saddled with his $11 million for next year. But he has since turned things around, lowering his formerly National League high ERA to a very respectable 3.88 to go along with a 7-5 record.

It is unlikely that the Mets can get the game-changing hitter they so desperately need for the 41-year-old Bartolo Colon. It is doubtful they can even get a top-notch prospect. But just getting rid of his contract for next season will be a huge plus, allowing the Mets to spend that money on hitting. If they decide to spend that money at all.

One thought on “Bartolo Colon Superb; Now Trade Him

  • ABSOLUTELY! They will lose 90 games with him and 90 without him. Get some prospects. Good call Mark.

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