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Juan Lagares Activated; Wilmer Flores to Vegas

The Mets demoted Wilmer Flores in order to make room for Juan Lagares, who should be back in center field when the Mets take on the Pirates Thursday night. Not to start an Abbott and Costello thing, but who’s the backup shortstop?

wilmer flores
Wilmer Flores headed back to Las Vegas.

The move means the Mets have thrown all of their eggs in the Ruben Tejada basket. They actually made this decision weeks ago when they stopped playing Flores. Tejada still can’t hit, clocking in with a measly .234 average. But the Mets geniuses are apparently enthralled with his ability to draw exciting walks, resulting in an on-base percentage of .348.

To be fair, it’s not like Wilmer Flores was hitting the hide off of the ball. He was batting just .225 with one home run in 80 at bats. But for some reason the Mets never really gave him a chance to get comfortable, always removing him from the lineup for the inferior Tejada. Now the Mets still don’t know what they have in Wilmer Flores. Good job.

In any case, Tejada is now the only true shortstop on the roster. It would appear Eric Campbell would be the backup. He has played all of two games at short, both this year in Las Vegas.

On the bright side, it will be nice to have Juan Lagares back. Now, let’s hope he can just stay healthy…

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  • Met Fan 4 Life

    You know, it gets to the point where this is all like another beating – at first, the pain is great, then after awhile you grow numb and it is just a lot noise and bother on the outside of a blanket of sensation that cannot immediately be described.

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