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Collins: No Talk of Bringing Up Noah Syndergaard

The Mets continued their baffling ways on Tuesday, with Terry Collins saying there has been no talk of promoting Noah Syndergaard to the big club.

noah syndergaard
Was Spring Training the only time we’ll get to see Noah Syndergaard in a Mets uniform im 2014?

“There’s a possibility you might not see him,” Collins told reporters in Atlanta, according to ESPN New York.

When asked why, he said, “S**t happens. I don’t know any other way to put it: Injuries. Workload. He hasn’t performed maybe to the way we thought he was going to. There’s all sorts of things. … I just know, right now, there hasn’t been a discussion of Noah Syndergaard or when he’s coming. The only discussion right now is Dillon Gee and where he’s going to go and who he’s going to replace and what that guy then would do, and David Wright.

“Right now we’ve got bigger issues on the table.”

Certainly Noah Syndergaard has not been the lights out super prospect the Mets were hoping and praying he would be. In 14 starts for Las Vegas he is 6-4 with a 5.35 ERA. He has 71 strikeouts in 69 innings with 23 walks.

But why not bring him up anyway? The Mets are not winning anything this season; why not get a jump-start on 2015 and see if this kid will be part of the rotation? Of course, it would mean starting his arbitration/free agent clock, so that is a consideration.

It would also mean Sandy Alderson would have to make a decision about moving someone out of the rotation. And we all know decisions are not Alderson’s friend. Better to just keep things status quo.

Alderson will, however, have to make a decision about the rotation very soon when Dillon Gee returns from the disabled list. It appears to be an easy one — move Daisuke Matsuzaka back to the bullpen. But apparently Alderson is undecided about what to do.

Alderson would be an absolute moron if he removes Jacob deGrom from the rotation. Not only does he look good, he needs to pitch. He is part of the Mets future. Matsuzaka, although he has done a nice job, clearly is not.

Neither is Bartolo Colon. Trade him now while his value is high and promote Noah Syndergaard. More fans would turn out to see Syndergaard lose than to watch Colon throw strikes and lose his batting helmet in a vain attempt to hit a baseball.

But Alderson will do no such thing. That would require him to actually do something.

One thought on “Collins: No Talk of Bringing Up Noah Syndergaard

  • Met Fan 4 Life

    Of course, Ol’ Stay Pat will do nothing while the band plays on. Plus, to trade Colon, we’d probably have to eat some contract, something which the Coupons are loathe to do until there is absolutely no other move (read: Jason Bay).

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