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Sandy Alderson: Deadline Deal “Unlikely”

To the shock and dismay of Mets fans worldwide, Sandy Alderson said it is “unlikely” that the Mets will make a trade before the deadline on Thursday.

Adam Rubin of ESPN New York tweeted the news Monday afternoon, while MLB Mets beat writer Anthony DiComo tweeted a quote from Alderson: “To make a guess, I would say that nothing will happen.”

As Matthew Cerrone at Mets Blog correctly pointed out, Alderson has said similar things in the past, only to then make a move. We all know Sandy Alderson is truth-challenged, but in this case, perhaps he just does not want to tip his hand to other clubs. If so, it is probably the smart thing to do.

So I will withhold my judgment on his possible inactivity until the deadline actually passes to see if Alderson is true to his word. That rarely happens, so maybe a move is forthcoming. But we all know that rarely happens, either.

2 thoughts on “Sandy Alderson: Deadline Deal “Unlikely”

  • Met Fan 4 Life

    How much does he get paid to do what appears to be absolutely nothing?

  • Met Fan 4 Life

    It would be nice if the Mets could package Niese or Gee (or even Wheeler) and a couple of nearly ready prospects like Montero and someone at AAA for David Price, provided a contract could be worked out. I know the Coupons would never pay him but wouldn’t it be nice if they would? A rotation with Price and Harvey at the top of it would be historic, like Koufax and Drysdale. Price would benefit from pitching at $hiti.

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