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Report: Bartolo Colon Clears Waivers

Bartolo Colon has reportedly cleared waivers, ending the dream of Sandy Alderson that he can just dump Colon’s 2015 salary on some unsuspecting team.

bartolo colon
Bartolo Colon has reportedly cleared waivers.

Fox Sports midget Ken Rosenthal tweeted the news Monday evening. Because he cleared waivers, Colon can be dealt to any team in the league. The Dodgers and Angels, which have both lost pitchers to injuries, are said to be prime destinations.

Had a team claimed Colon, Alderson could have worked out a deal with that team. Failing that, he could have just given Colon to that team, thus freeing the Mets of his $11 million commitment for next season. It was never clear if Alderson would have gone that route, but my guess is that he would have.

If Alderson does not trade Colon over the next few days, he reportedly thinks he can deal Bartolo Colon in the off-season. I do not see that happening unless the Mets eat a substantial portion of Colon’s contract. Why would any team trade anyone for a soon-to-be 42-year-old pitcher and pay him $11 million when there will be plenty of younger starters available for much less?

It is imperative that Bartolo Colon be removed from the Mets books in 2015. With the budget sure to be limited once again, that money must go towards a hitter, not an unnecessary starter.

But now Alderson will have to work to get rid of Bartolo Colon instead of getting the easy way out.

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