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No Noah Syndergaard on Mets in September

The Mets announced Sunday that ancient Bobby Abreu and average Gonzalez Germen will be the final two September call-ups to the big club. Missing from that short list is the one name that Mets fans actually care about — Noah Syndergaard.

noah syndergaard
Noah Syndergaard won’t be called up to Mets.

Yes, the team’s top prospect will not make his major league debut in 2014 because the Mets just have too many darned pitchers who must get the final starts.

“The bottom line is there are really no starting opportunities here over the rest of the season,” said assistant general manager John Rizzo.

Right, because we need to see more of Bartolo Colon the rest of the way to see what he might have to offer in 2015.

In the Mets defense Syndergaard did not exactly light up Las Vegas, going 9-7 with a 4.60 ERA in 26 starts, with 145 strikeouts in 133 innings. Still, Ricco insisted that Syndergaard had “a good year” in the minors but then said Syndergaard didn’t really have such a good year.

“As we talked about all year he had a little bit of an inconsistent first half, settled in the second half a bit, and we really, I think, have been consistent about this being what’s best for him.”

Right, because what’s best for him is to not get a taste of the major leagues and to not show the Mets he will be ready out of the gate in 2015. Instead, he will go into Spring Training as a question mark and will almost certainly start the season in the minors so as to not start his arbitration/free agent clock. So predictable.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — it is becoming harder and harder to be a Mets fan.

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