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Makes Sense for Daniel Murphy to Play 3rd

Daniel Murphy will play third base Wednesday night in place of David Wright, who is out for the rest of the year with shoulder soreness. It is not known if Murphy will stay there for the remaining games, but it makes sense for many reasons.

daniel murphy
Daniel Murphy moves to third base.

Terry Collins said he gave Murphy the option of moving to third, and Murphy said he would do what is best for the team. That is being a good teammate, but he also might have helped buy his ticket out of New York.

First of all, it gives the Mets a chance to see more of Dilson Herrera at second base. If he continues to show that he is ready for prime time, the Mets could feel more comfortable dealing Murphy and his expected $9 million salary in the off-season, knowing they have a replacement in house.

Showcasing Daniel Murphy at third base is also good for the Mets and his trade value. There is a dearth of quality third basemen around the league and if Murphy can handle the hot corner, the Mets can market him as a third baseman rather than a second baseman whose defense has somehow regressed this season.

The Mets would probably have to package Murphy with one of their young pitchers to get a desperately needed power bat in left field. Whatever happens, these could be Daniel Murphy’s final days in Flushing.

2 thoughts on “Makes Sense for Daniel Murphy to Play 3rd

  • What about trading Wright and keeping Murphy?

  • Met Fan 4 Life

    What about putting Wright in LF? Might keep him in the lineup more.

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