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Mets Lose 82nd Game, Secure Another Losing Season

When the Mets dropped the nightcap of Thursday’s doubleheader in Washington, it was their 82nd loss of the season. It means once again that they will have a losing season. When will it end?

The Mets have now been below .500 each of the last six seasons, tied with the Astros for the longest active streak of futility. Over that time such losing stalwarts as the Royals and Pirates broke their hexes. Not our boys from Flushing, though.

This is now approaching franchise-worst territory. The Mets had two instances of seven losing seasons in a row (1962-1968 and 1977-1983). The current streak matches the 1991-1996 teams. Another losing season in 2015 and these Mets can be lumped with the Original Mets and those truly awful 70s/80s teams.

So yeah, this is a pretty bad stretch for the Mets. Is it any wonder that fans are frustrated and tired of hearing “wait til next year”?

One thought on “Mets Lose 82nd Game, Secure Another Losing Season

  • Met Fan 4 Life

    It will not end for at least a season, possibly three more.

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