Photos: Vintage Ad for Mr. Met Watch

A month ago I purchased a vintage 1965 ad on eBay (for $8) for a really neat Mr. Met watch.

mr. met

I had known about the ad for a while and every now and then I would check eBay for the actual watch. How cool would it be to wear this around your wrist?

Alas, the watch was never for sale. That is, until the day I received the ad in the mail. It was as if it were destined for me. The description told how rare it was. I watched the bidding climb into the hundreds. It ultimately sold for $282.77.


But I was not the buyer. I debated back and forth, but what it boiled down to was that I was paying nearly $300 for a $10 watch. If it was a high quality watch I might have been more tempted. But regardless of how great it looked and how much I wanted it, it just seemed like a foolish purchase.

In any case, I will continue to monitor eBay for another Mr. Met watch. Maybe the next one will be a little cheaper. I’ll pay $100 — not a penny more!

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