Getting Rid of Best Mets Uniform, Keeping Ugliest

Leave it to the Mets to screw up even the simplest decisions. For 2015 they are getting rid of arguably the best Mets uniform they have ever had and are keeping what is undoubtedly the ugliest one in team history.

The Mets on Wednesday tweeted out their uniforms for next season. The team will feature a new primary home jersey — white with pinstripes. It looks nice, but it means the end of the cream jersey with pinstripes after just two seasons, which in my opinion is the nicest uniform the team has ever had. It also means the Mets are getting rid of their all whites, which is just fine by me. They were a bit blinding.

mets uniform

But the Mets are keeping their horrid camouflage uniforms, which is supposed to honor the military. Instead it is an embarrassment.

In addition to the classic road grays and the home and away blues, the Mets have five primary and alternate jerseys (not counting the batting practice jersey). That is at least two too many. One home and road and one alternate blue is enough.

They also have four hats (not including a Mr. Met batting practice hat). That is three hats too many. A team needs just one hat. And the Mets introduced a new one for 2015 — one to go with the road blue alternate. It has a gray “NY” to match the gray “New York” on the uniform. The gray does not work on the name; it likely will not work on the hat, either.


This is all about marketing; you know there are thousands of fans out there who must have every Mets uniform and hat. So a new uniform each year adds millions more to the coffers of the Mets and their fellow owners who share in merchandise sales. Do they ever get tired of gauging their loyal fans?

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