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Mets up to Old Tricks with Jonathon Niese

It looks like Jonathon Niese is being pushed out of the door at Citi Field. Those infamous Mets “sources” are badmouthing him — a clear sign he will soon be a former Met.

jonathon niese
Jonathon Niese is an awful human being, apparently.

The Daily News reports that Niese cursed at Terry Collins in the dugout during his final start of the season. Now, why would anyone on the Mets reveal this? The same reason R.A. Dickey was suddenly a clubhouse cancer because he was allegedly self-involved and Justin Turner suddenly didn’t hustle. The Mets are preparing fans for a trade of this terrible, terrible man.

The thing is, the Mets could trade Jonathon Niese without telling us this and fans would not be upset. We all know the Mets are stocked with young starting pitching and Niese’s $7 million salary could be better used elsewhere. Yet they feel the need to do this again.

What is wrong with this team? It can’t be Sandy Alderson because this was happening before he got here (remember Carlos Beltran’s knee surgery?). So it’s got to be the Wilpons. Probably not Fred because this is a more recent phenomenon. So it’s likely Jeff, whose role in running the team has become more prominent over the past decade. By all accounts the young Wilpon is universally hated throughout the baseball world. And now we are learning why.

What’s going to happen when Jeff Wilpon takes total control of the team? Mets fans are hoping it never comes down to that; that the Wilpons will be forced to sell before that ca happen. But that is unlikely to happen. Fred Wilpon wants to leave the team to his son. So we will be living with behavior like this for many, many years to come.

One thought on “Mets up to Old Tricks with Jonathon Niese

  • Met Fan 4 Life

    This kind of behavior usually originates in high school when some nebbish finds himself in a position to poison others minds against his tormenter. He starts rumors that make the other person look bad to everyone because he is not man enough to stand up to the person face to face and certainly not willing to take the heat for stirring things up. Could Jay Horowitz be involved, as well? If nothing else his office should be stifling garbage acts like this.

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