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Once Again, Hall of Fame Snubs Mike Piazza

He is the greatest hitting catcher of all time, yet Mike Piazza continues to be held out of the Hall of Game because of nonsense rumors about PED use. Tuesday’s announcement was the third disappointment for Piazza and Mets fans, but there is some good news to take out of this.

Piazza received nearly 70% of the vote this time around. He has steadily increased his vote total, from 57% in his first year on the ballot to 62% last year to this year’s tally. With Ken Griffey, Jr. the only slam dunk first-time candidate next year, it looks good for Piazza to join him on the podium in Cooperstown.

For anyone who still questions whether Mike Piazza used steroids, please read his autobiography. Piazza is an honest and stand-up guy. He would not write a book just to lie about PED use.

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