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Mets and Arbitration Players

It is everybody’s favorite time of year — yes, arbitration season. The system that is so good, no other sport has adopted it. The Mets exchanged figures and/or settled with their six arbitration eligible players Friday.

The team and Daniel Murphy unveiled their figures and then quickly settled on $8 million. Dillon Gee took $5.3 million and Ruben Tejada was for some reason gifted $1.88 million before the exchange. Bobby Parnell had earlier accepted the same $3.7 million he made last year after Tommy John surgery.

So the Mets only have two unresolved cases — Lucas Duda and Jenrry Mejia. Duda wants $4.7 million while the Mets prefer $3.75 million. Mejia is asking $3 million, with the team thinking $2.1 million is more fair. Both will likely settle before an ugly arbitration hearing can he held.

The last time a Mets player actually made it to a hearing was the infamous Oliver Perez in 2008. That was the team’s first hearing since 1992.

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