Sandy Alderson

Sandy Alderson Jokes About His Incompetence

Sandy Alderson is once again joking about how poor a general manager he truly is.

sandy alderson
Sandy Alderson might be a better comedian than GM. And he’s a terrible comedian.

Introducing Cal Ripken at the New York Chapter of the Baseball Writers of America Awards dinner Saturday night, Alderson said, “It’s a big night for me and for Mets fans, who have been waiting all winter for me to introduce a shortstop.”

Let’s get this out of the way right now — it is a funny line. Much funnier than his “what outfield” line a few off-seasons ago. So Alderson deserves credit for that.

But it is also just another twist of the knife in the backs of Mets fans who have been waiting patiently for Alderson to upgrade the position ever since he let Jose Reyes walk away without as much as a courtesy contract offer.

So while we can all appreciate a good self-deprecating joke at Sandy Alderson’s expense, perhaps he should have removed the “Mets fans” part of the line and kept it about himself. We Mets fans have been through a lot over these past few years; taunting us like this is just plain cruel.

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