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Mets New Slogan: “Take the Damn Thing”

Move over “You Gotta Believe,” “We Can Win*” and “The Magic is Back” — the Mets have a new slogan. It is “Take the Damn Thing.”

According to a tweet from Robert Brender of SNY, the Mets issued these t-shirts to players on Monday:



Now, what exactly is the “damn thing” the Mets want to “take?” Fans’ money? Nah, they are already doing that. A .500 record? Nah, you really don’t “take” a .500 record.

They likely mean the World Series. It is of course a lofty and worthy goal, but it could be a bit premature. After all, the Mets have not had a winning record since 2008 and it’s been eight years since they appeared in the post-season.

Teams like the Nationals and, well, every other team in baseball will likely not take too kindly to such a boastful t-shirt. It will be a hit with fans if they make them available to the public. And if the Mets manage to continue their losing ways, expect to see the slogan altered, such as adding “We Can’t” to the beginning of it or “to AAA” at the end. I’m sure many fans will think of more creative things to write.

*John Stearns came up with “We Can Win” during the Mets depths of the late 1970s/early 1980s, printing t-shirts for his teammates. Turns out he was wrong, the Mets could not win.

2 thoughts on “Mets New Slogan: “Take the Damn Thing”

  • Why all the doubt? Part of baseball is attitude and belief. Did anyone doubt Tug McGraw’s “You Gotta Believe?” in 1973. I welcome all the talk(like last year’s 90 win mantra from Sandy A) Let’s Go Mets!!!

  • Met Fan 4 Life

    “Take the Damn(ed) Thing OFF and put it in the wastebasket!”

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