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First 2 Games Mets in a Nutshell?

It is obviously far too early in the season for trends to emerge, but these first two games of the Mets season has me a bit concerned. That’s because I feared the Mets would be a great-pitch, no-hit team. So far I am not dissuaded.

Jacob deGrom pitched well but got no support from offense.

The Mets scored three runs and had only five hits in Monday’s Opening Day win. And let’s face it, if it weren’t for Ian Desmond’s pitiful play in the field, the Mets probably would have lost. On Wednesday night they managed six hits but just one run in a loss.

Of course, the Mets were up against two of the best pitchers in the game, Max Scherzer and Jordan Zimmerman. Still though, if the Mets cannot beat good pitchers, this will be a long season.

Luckily the Mets pitching has been excellent, and it is the only reason they were able to hang around and take advantage of the Nats errors in game one, and why game two was just a 2-1 loss.

But the Mets are going to have to supplement that pitching with hitting, or they are nothing better than a .500 team, if that good.

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