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d’Arnaud, Blevins to DL

The Mets won their eighth straight game on Sunday, but they lost Travis d’Arnaud and Jerry Blevins in the process.

travis d'arnaud
Travis d’Arnaud leaves game after fracturing hand.

d’Arnaud fractured his right hand when he was hit by a pitch. And Blevins suffered a fracture as well, of his forearm when he was hit by a comebacker.

“It’s not a good day,” Terry Collins said. “It’s a good day we won and we’ll take that away, but a tough day for us.”

d’Arnaud looked like he was finally coming into his own, hitting .317 and leading the team with two homers and 10 RBIs. He even looked much better defensively, where he had so many issues last season. However, it seems like d’Arnaud is destined to be one of those players, a la Cliff Floyd and Moises Alou, who just cannot stay health for one reason or another.

Blevins was also performing extremely well. In five innings over seven appearances, batters were hitting exactly zero against him.

Kevin Plawecki will be recalled to be the starting catcher. The Mets love him; it will be interesting to see him play. Hansel Robles replaces Blevins.

“That’s why we have the depth that we have in Triple-A,” Sandy Alderson said. “That’s why we have other players that have stepped up for those who’ve already gone down.”

While these are significant loses, it should be noted that the Mets lost David Wright early in the streak, and they have not lost a step, or a game for that matter, ever since. So there is no reason to think these injuries doom the Mets in any way.

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