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Mets Winning Streak Reaches Nine

It was important for the Mets to get off to a good start, but was anyone expecting this? The Mets won their ninth straight game Tuesday night.

The winning streak is the longest since the team won 10 in a row in 2008. The Mets are now just two games short of the team record of 11.

One of the nice things about the streak is that it is coming against National League East rivals. The Mets are beating up on the Phillies, Marlins and Braves; teams they need to beat in order to compete in the division. They also opened the season taking two out of three from the Nationals, the division’s alleged powerhouse.

They have also taken their first eight games at home. Citi Fied has not been very hospitable to the Mets since it opened in 2009, so winning at home is a very good sign for the Mets.

How long can they keep this up? Who knows — no one thought this was going to happen, so who’s to say it can’t continue?

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