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Photos: Perspective Shots from Citi Field

If you follow Blogging Mets on Twitter (and if you don’t, why not?!), you know that when I go to games I like to walk around and see the game from different angles. I often take and tweet photos. It is very enjoyable!

I was at Wednesday’s game, and in between watching Noah Syndergaard and Lucas Duda make mince meat out of the hated Phillies, I did my usual trek around Citi Field. This time I took photos, and then took photos of where I was sitting or standing when I took those photos. So here are those perspectives.

The view from my seat:

citi field




The last seat in the lower level of the upper deck:

2015-05-27 13.49.05


Pepsi Porch:

2015-05-27 14.09.34


Just to the left of the ramp to the Pepsi Porch:

2015-05-27 14.21.48


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