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Mets Should Change Giveaway Policy

I made the journey to Citi Field for Saturday afternoon’s disappointing game against the Marlins. It turned out to be beach towel day. But like the majority of the fans in attendance, I did not get one. The Mets need to change this ridiculous giveaway policy.

metsLike most Mets giveaways, the beach towel was only for the first 15,000 fans. The Mets had a really nice crowd on this day — 39,095. That means more fans did not get a towel than those who did.

I was not particularly upset; I did not want to carry the thing around all game. But many people were not happy. In fact, on the way up the escalator, people were chanting, “We want beach towels!”

Many people go to these games just for the promotional item. It really is not fair that they do not get one.

Not every team has these limits. The Red Sox, for example, have fewer promotional days (likely because they sell out, anyway), but they give every fan the free gift. The Dodgers have no limits. The Giants have limits ranging from the first 20,000-40,000 fans. The poor-drawing Rays have the vague “while supplies last.” The Yankees are like the Mets, but their limit is 18,000. I didn’t feel like checking all 30 teams.

What are the Mets afraid of? Getting stuck with thousands of giveaways? This happened one year in the early 2000s, so what the Mets did was make September “Fan Appreciation Month.” They got rid of their leftover inventory that way. So they had happy fans on the day of the giveaway and fans who showed up to see those terrible teams walked away from a loss with a free Mets item.

They need to go back to the days of no limits. It would just be a nice thing for the fans. The Mets are obviously concerned about the costs of these giveaways. But they are all sponsored — let them pay for it, if they aren’t already.

The Mets do so many things wrong, including this. This one is an easy fix.

2 thoughts on “Mets Should Change Giveaway Policy

  • Met Fan 4 Ever

    Maybe it is too much work for whoever in the front office is in charge for making these things happen. If I did my work the way the MFO does, I would be given walking papers in no time.

  • LOL. A number of years ago I attended “Mets seat cushion night”. Best give-away ever! 9th inning Mets were getting their ass handed to them – I think every one of those things got flung onto the field! Awesome!

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