Unveiling the Blogging Mets App for iPhone/iPad

A month ago I unveiled the Blogging Mets app for Android devices. I promised to get right to building one for Apple products. Well, unlike most of the promises I make, I kept this one.

blogging mets app

Now, the app looks different from the website, but never fear, you will get the same quality reporting on our favorite team.

Blogging Mets is now the only Mets blog app in the iTunes store. Yes, I find it strange, too. There are a couple of aggregate sites, but no other apps with original reporting. Who knew I was a trailblazer?

There is still some work to do. I have to make the icon bigger, for example. But please let me know what you think of the layout. I can make changes.

Here is the link to download for your iPhone or iPad, or just search Blogging Mets in the iTunes store. And of course, it is free.

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