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At Mid-Season, Mets at Proper Point

We are exactly midway through the baseball season and the Mets are 41-40. Yeah, that seems about right.

Lets face it, the Mets are half a team. They can pitch but they cannot hit (they can’t field very well, either). That is a recipe for a .500 team, which is what they are.

I said as much in my season preview, predicting an 81-81 record. I see no reason to change that now.

There is pretty much no way to improve this team. The Mets can not or will not do what it takes to get an impact bat, and Ben Zobrist is not an impact bat, whether the Mets “overpay” for him or not. The Mets are stuck with this current cast of characters.

Still, a .500 record is an improvement over six straight years of losing seasons. But with the Nationals vulnerable, this season could have been so much more.

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