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Sandy Alderson’s Flawed Plan Seems to be Working

So the Mets are now winners of three straight games, and it appears Sandy Alderson’s flawed plan seems to be working — brilliant pitching with just enough offense to win.

The Mets have scored four runs in each of their wins. Usually that is not enough to win consistently, but the Mets superior young starting pitchers have made it work. Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard and Matt Harvey were all brilliant. Steven Matz was supposed to continue the trend on Sunday, but of course he is injured and out until, well, who knows when?

It is this caliber of pitching one after another that could cause a lot of damage in the playoffs. Which is why Alderson cannot waste this opportunity and must go out and get a hitter to provide the Mets with more than four runs a game. Alderson cannot wait until next year. Who knows what will happen? Yes, Zack Wheeler will be back but maybe another two pitchers will require Tommy John surgery. Remember when the Nationals shut down Stephen Strasburg. thinking they would be in the playoffs for a dozen years to come? How has that worked out?

Four runs a game is just not enough in the long term. There is no more “wait until next year.” Next year is now.

One thought on “Sandy Alderson’s Flawed Plan Seems to be Working

  • Met Fan 4 Ever

    It only works if they current team puts enough hits in a row. Otherwise, we are the Washington Generals.

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