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Breaking News: Jenrry Mejia Tests Positive Again

Jenrry Mejia has tested positive again for PEDs and is suspended for 162 games.

Mejia just came back from an 80-game suspension a couple of weeks ago. And now he tests positive again. Unbelievable.

This makes the acquisiton of Tyler Clippard that much more crucial. Mejia was not going to be eligible for the post-season anyway. But it was expected he would play a key role in the Mets playoff push.

This should end his Mets career.

The Mets issued a statement on Jenrry Mejia’s suspension:

“We were extremely disappointed when informed of Jenrry’s second suspension for violating MLB’s Joint Drug Prevention Program. We fully support MLB’s policy toward eliminating performance enhancing substances from the sport.”

One thought on “Breaking News: Jenrry Mejia Tests Positive Again

  • tom walsh

    Mejia is a selfish player who doesn’t care about his teammates who are busting their ass for a playoff spot nor does he care about the fans. I can only hope that his baseball career is over and nobody ever gives him a chance again.

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