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Mets Scoring Late Runs

If you needed another sign that the Mets are a far different team from even earlier this season, you can look at their last three victories, sealed with late runs.

Mets win another one, in part because of late scoring.

In the opener of the Rays series, the Mets scored four runs in the last three innings to win their seventh straight game.

We’ll forget about the two loses that followed.

The Mets scored three runs against the Rockies in the seventh inning Monday to get back to their winning ways. And then Tuesday night, clinging to a 1-0 lead, the Mets scored three runs in the eighth to give them a nice cushion.

These are games that probably go into the loss column if they were played before August. But the Mets revamped offense just does not give up. That’s what happens when almost every spot in the lineup is filled with quality hitters.

It also gives the Mets confidence that no one can beat them, regardless of how far they are behind. It is that type of swagger that is essential to a winning team.

Don’t clear your schedule just yet for October, but don’t make plans that cannot be broken, either.


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