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Mets Best Playoff Rotation?

Even though it is premature, there has been plenty of talk the past couple of days about who should be in the Mets rotation if/when they get into the playoffs. I say forget the veterans — go with all of the kids.

The Mets should go with all of their young studs in the playoffs.

It is a given that Matt Harvey, Jacob de Grom and Noah Syndergaard will get post-season starts. It is the fourth slot that is up for grabs. The choice is Bartolo Colon, Jonathon Niese and Steven Matz. It is an easy choice.

Colon is the battle tested starter, but he is too erratic to trust in a short series. Niese has been the loyal soldier since 2008, but you cannot play on sympathies here. Niese has been very inconsistent lately.

Which brings us to Matz. Yes, he only had two starts before getting injured. But they were spectacular. If he comes back and pitches like he did, he absolutely, positively has to start in the post-season.

The other thing is this — this team was built around these young stud starters. Why abandon the plan when it matters the most? The Mets are obviously going for it this year. Do they really want to lose in the playoffs with their best pitcher puttering on the bench, while an inferior product is on the mound?

Colon and Niese should still be on the playoff roster, waiting in the bullpen if one of the starters falters. If not, Colon showed the other day that he can pitch in relief. And Niese can be called upon if a tough lefty needs to be retired late in a game.

It is not time to be timid. Despite the poor grammar, the old adage is true — you dance with who brung you. The Mets are only in this position because of their young pitching. Let them all dance in October.

One thought on “Mets Best Playoff Rotation?

  • Steve S.

    Agree, if Matz does well in September and if Alderson orders the veteran-loving Collins to pitch the four young guns in the playoffs!

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