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Will Mets Ever Lose Again?

It’s worth a second ask — will the Mets ever lose again? It is a valid question after five late comeback wins during their seven game winning streak.

Daniel Murphy hit game-tying homer Sunday.

The first three against the Nationals were obviously more important; they all but clinched the NL East for the Mets. But the last two against the Braves were quite spectacular and surprising.

The Mets took a 4-1 lead into the bottom of the eighth when the Braves rallied for three runs to tie the game. Okay, we thought, maybe the Mets would eventually lose this one. But then they scored two runs  in the top of the ninth to go on to win.

Sunday was even more amazing. Tied at four, the Braves scored three runs in the eighth again to take the lead. Okay, now we lose, no problem. All the Mets did was score three runs in the top of the ninth on a Daniel Murphy three-run homer. And then they added three more in the tenth to win.

It’s like this team has forgotten how to lose! It has been a long time since we can say that about a Mets team? Right now they are 21 games over .500, with a nine and a half game lead over the Nationals. The magic number is 11 with 19 games to play.

So when will the Mets lose next? Maybe never.

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