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No Reason to Panic, Mets Fans

The Mets lost two games in a row to the lowly Marlins, and fans are panicking. But there is no reason for it.

Mets lose second straight game. No time to panic.

Well, maybe there is.

We have been through this before, so we are conditioned to think the worst. But this is not the same team as 2007 and 2008. The pitching is far superior and will eventually lead the Mets to the NL East crown.

The Mets have a seven and a half game lead with 16 games to go (17 for the Nationals). The magic number is 10. The Mets are 20 games over .500 while the Nationals are five games over. The numbers are on the Mets side.

Well, most of them.

While the Mets have lost two in a row at home, Washington has won four straight on the road. Are the Nationals finally going to put together the run everyone has been waiting for? Maybe. But it will be too little, too late.

The Nationals host the Marlins this weekend while the Yankees invade Citi Field. So things may get slightly worse before they get better.

But this is no time to give up the faith. The Mets will win the division. You didn’t forget that this is the Mets, did you? Nothing is ever easy with this team. And neither will be clinching the division. But it will happen, and it will happen before the season-ending series with the Nationals.

Of course, I would have written the same thing if I had a blog in 2007. I would have been wrong then, but I will not be now.

One thought on “No Reason to Panic, Mets Fans

  • I think all life long Met fan woke up this morning worrying about another collapse. I know these aren’t the same Mets. The same Mets would have been swept by the Nationals last week and would have lost the series to the Braves.

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