2015 Postseason

Matt Reynolds to Take Ruben Tejada’s Place on Roster

The Mets have chosen Matt Reynolds to replace the injured Ruben Tejada on the NLDS roster.

Reynolds has never appeared in a major league game. If he gets into a playoff game, he would be just the second player in baseball history to make his debut in the post-season.

The Mets moved Reynolds to their complex in Port St. Lucie last week to keep sharp in case something like this happened. Eric Campbell is also down there, but the Mets apparently see Reynolds as a better alternative to back up Wilmer Flores at short.

Even though Matt Reynolds did not play for the Mets in the regular season, it appears he will be eligible for the post-season roster because he is in their system and is replacing an injured player. MLB’s Scott Braun says the Mets will need special permission from the commissioner’s office to add Reynolds.

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