2015 Postseason

New York Awash in Mets Blue and Orange

If you’ve been walking around New York the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed the city has something of a blue and orange tint. That’s because it seems like everyone is wearing the Mets colors, as they get behind this surprising World Series team.

Today was a good example. I went to the Modell’s on 34th St. to pick up the latest Mets t-shirt. So did everyone else because they were out of larges. I was told a delivery was on its way into the door. People were actually lined up to see what would come out of the boxes.

Everybody gotta go to Mo’s.

I am the impatient type, so I headed on over to the Modell’s on 42nd St., where they had plenty of shirts in my size.

Lots to blue and orange.
Lots of blue and orange.

Local sporting goods stores usually feature Yankees, Knicks and Giants merchandise near the entrance, with the Mets buried on a few racks somewhere in the back. It was nice to see them front and center for a change.

I don’t know whether this is a National League town like so many people claim. But I do know I’ve never seen such excitement for a team, even when the Yankees were winning World Series titles every year in the late 1990s. I think it is because those Yankees teams were expected to win, while this Mets team is an utter shock. I mean, who predicted they would go to the World Series (wait, I did. I bet $10 at 28/1 last December in Las Vegas that they would win it all. But that was more of a playful bet than a prediction!)?

It is just really nice to see New York being a Mets town for a while. And if they win the World Series, who knows what will happen — it may just be a blue and orange explosion.

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